It has been awhile since my last post mainly due to a chaotic fall, what with managing a new job, helping a fourteen year old navigate high school (oh LORD..), surviving an all-consuming hockey season while maintaining  domestic order (haha!).  Naturally, things fall through the cracks, like shaving my legs, remembering to pick up the dry cleaning for months on end and well, writing blog posts.

And then, of course, November ninth happened, and I became bogged down reading Facebook posts by Pantsuit Nation as I slowly came out of shock.  At this point, I don’t care who you voted for; what’s done is done.  I’m allowed to say how I feel about it and so are you; at least until January 20th, when martial law begins…

So why post now?  Life has NOT slowed down.  In fact, it’s the Christmas season, for Christ’s sake.  I’m more stressed and freaked out than usual.  The lists are so long at this time of year and it is no coincidence that all of the ladies magazine headlines tout holiday “Stress Busting Tips” in their December issues.  It’s universal…Once  Black Friday hits the planning begins!

1.Order 100 Christmas cards, buy stamps, address and send out.

2.Buy the Tree, decorate it, light up the exterior of the house, Griswold-style.

3.Make Cookie List, buy ingredients, bake cookies with Grandma.

4.Create Gift List.  Shop in stores and online.  Ship gifts to family out of town(by 12/15).

5.Wrap a gazillion presents.  Uuuggghhh…….

6.Buy Holiday outfits, Christmas Jammies, Winter Coats, gloves, hats and boots.

7.The teachers get presents too, and don’t forget your sitter….Make homemade Salted Caramel Sauce(Pinterest) for teachers. Cold, hard cash for your sitter, always.

8.Plan the Christmas Eve and Day menus.  Make sure there is plenty of prosecco….

8.5 Speaking of bubbly drinks, attend a champagne tasting with a friend and accidentally get toasted.  Oh wait, cross that off the list already…hee hee! hic *

9.Remember to show up for the kid’s Holiday Hooplah at 10:15am in a hot gym on an inconvenient day…

10.And then there is the ADVENT CALENDAR……

So, the other weekday morning, these lists were running through my head and my blood pressure was rising steadily as I was unloading the dishwasher while rapidly making my daughter lunch with my feet when  the same daughter exclaimed, “Mom!  The Advent gifts start in two days!!”

My stomach dropped in horror.  You see, I made the fatal Pinterest mistake when the kids were really little and fashioned beautiful little bags of treats for them, starting on December first, through the 24th.  Since they were just tiny tots, I got away with stuffing the bags with a single Hershey kiss or an itty bitty trinket, so it was easy.  As the kids grew older, the expectations became larger, so that challenge to delight  started to be onerous.  One year, I sold out and bought the Trader Joe’s Advent calendar where you open the little paper door and get minescule chocolates.  Oh yeah, that went over like a lead balloon. See, I ruined it for my spoiled, entitled urchins with this whole damned Advent calendar thing…

So this year, I cut down Advent from 24 days to the 12 Days of Christmas, starting on December twelfth.   Problem is, I forgot about it until last week.  After work, I frantically raced to Walgreens to scan the seasonal aisle and to Target’s dollar bins for ideas.  Luckily I found plenty of goodies to add up to 12 treats for each kid, at a reasonable price.

I found the red bags on Amazon Prime and mission was accomplished.  This weekend the flour will be flying as we bake dozens of cookies and Sunday marks the first bag of the Advent adventure.

There better not be one little peep of dissappointment or the days of Advent will done cease and desist.   Honestly I might have made that executive decision already….

One less list……



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