The Little Black Book


Yesterday a whole mess of Christmas cards lay wait in my mailbox.  I know, Friends, it’s been one helluva a year and getting holiday cards mailed out rated 1,748th on your priority list.

On my list was to finally create a Christmas card address list and transfer names and addresses from my worn, bulging, pebbled leather Liz Claiborne address book from the 90’s to an Excel electronic form that could be instantly updated.  Until now, the trusty “Black Book” wouldn’t close anymore because each year I would slip received Christmas card  envelopes with the changed addresses of friends who had moved or of new friends whom I wished to send cards to next year.

The girth of the book grew.  And each year as I thumbed through the well worn pages to locate the addresses of friends and family to send Christmas cards to, I had to search among the multiple cross outs, scratch outs and new addresses scribbled here and there to find the current place of residence.

This new sleek, modern spreadsheet will be the answer to my prayers!  Not only will it keep me current but I will be able to instantly print out address labels for the Christmas card envelopes!!  So glad I learned this only ten years after all of you did!  Better late than never I say.  Wait, did I hear there is a movement to hand write addresses again because it’s more personal?  Oh crap, I’m confused…

 Regardless, I was ready to toss out my little black book  that was manufactured the year The Simpsons premiered, until I took one last look over the yellowed pages.  Those crossed-off names and addresses are my history, be them old work acquaintances, ex boyfriends or family members who have passed.  Those pages are remembered years that stir up strong memories of adventures, strong friendships, of loves spurned or lost.  I have no need for you anymore, Little Black Book, but you served me well.  Oh hell, maybe you can sit on my shelf a bit longer….

Are you as sick of cooking as I am?  Here’s a dinner recipe that is easy and comforting. Serve with salad and hot French bread and use the saved time to binge on  The Ctown!







2 Comments on “The Little Black Book”

  1. Sharon says:

    I still have one. A cute Nicole Miller fabric number that has white-out, cross-outs, arrows pointing to new addresses, etc. I’ve been saying it every year that I want to add the whole thing to the computer. Sure, it’s so easy to say.

  2. Not so easy, right? I’ll bet it will take several dedicated hours and a good app!

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