A Deck of Cards…


Today is my birthday and my son joked that my age now represents a deck of cards. heheh….slow clap, whatever.  I guess it’s a snappy way to answer someone rude enough to inquire about my advanced age.  “I’ve reached The Deck of Cards status, Dammit!  Wanna play Fifty Two Card Pick-Up?!” , as I hurl my cosmo at their face….  Of course I would never do that;  it’s just that I can’t even moan about turning fifty anymore because I’m in the thick of the decade.  Even my own mother wants to commiserate about wrinkles, age spots and stray chin hairs while I look longingly back to my mid-thirties when my joints didn’t ache at five am and I could read anything without squinting.

Birthdays are awkward for me.  There are those camps who want major celebrations, hooplahs and full- on attention and there are those who crawl into their caves for self reflection, flagellation or aged despair for one more year gone. I’m sort of in the middle, I guess, liking a little fun, but not too much. The day is personal since you and you alone emerge into the world via your mother’s womb to stare into the face of some stranger in ill-fitting cotton medical garb who smacks your kiester for no good reason.

How you choose to celebrate is your business.  I find it slightly embarrassing to have friends and family call, text or Facebook me to  wish me a happy day that I was born. Don’t get me wrong; it is lovely and kind and I really appreciate it, but okay I was born, you know?  I am beginning to sound like Woody Allen.

Maybe it’s because my birthdate is one of the worst ever on the calendar.  I have posted blogs about this before.  January Second equals broke, maybe still hungover, definitely NOT in a party mood, possible combination presents with Christmas and positively lots of apologies for my being born on such an inconvenient date.  “Have a half birthday in June…”  If I had a nickel for the number of times I have heard that….ummm yeah.

Despite my Eeyore-like attitude toward my birthday my family goes to lengths to make it lovely.  My children appeared with breakfast in bed this morning, many, many of you Facebook Friends have sent good tidings, family and friends have called and texted and my sweet sister in law is going out to dinner with the kids and me tonight.  Really, I cannot complain.

So, what will be the significance of the next birthday?  All I could find is that it is the atomic number of Iodine.  So there.



One Comment on “A Deck of Cards…”

  1. Chris says:

    Love ya’ no matter what age. xo

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