Get Your Sh*t Together…

It’s January and there are a lot of important things being commemorated this month, like Bath Safety.  Go easy on the shower gel….you don’t want to fall and not be able to get up out of the tub!  It’s bad enough when the paramedics arrive and you aren’t wearing your good underwear, but hurt and stark naked is another level of embarrassment.

Then there’s National Blood Donor Month.  That’s a good one!  Time to help the blood banks, especially for those of you slipping in the tubs….

January has a weirdo, like National Black Diamond Month, you know, because there needs to be more awareness of, ahem, Black Diamonds….what?!

Then there are the most logical celebrations in January; National Hobby, Hot Tea, Oatmeal, Sunday Supper, Soup and Slow Cooking Month.  These make sense because what else are we going to do when it is minus four hundred and sixty  two outside with ninety four inches of snow  than eat and drink?  More on that later….

The other sensible thing to do after we put away the Christmas decorations is get organized.  At least that is what ladies crave.  Men just want to burrow into their favorite Lazy-Boys with a beer and a remote and watch the NFL/NHL/NBA or whatever Sports  Center show they can watch before we commandeer the TV.  Organizational activities are no sooner top of most men’s minds than celebrating National Braille Literacy Day (also in January), but I digress.

January is that fresh start we crave.  Purge!  Throw out his old socks and T shirts from college while he’s not looking!  Donate the kid’s Fisher Price airplane and Hot Wheels when the kids are at school!  Clear out two years of Popular Mechanics before they notice and the feng shui is suddenly so apparent!

I swear, I feel a surge of energy when a shelf is empty and a garbage bag is full.  During the holidays, I gave our sitter a challenge to organize the pantry, laundry room and linen closet for a fee and she attacked the rooms with aplomb.  It was good that she did it without me, too, because she was ruthless.  When I returned from work one night, fifty percent of my pantry was gone.  It was shocking how much of the foodstuffs had expired and I would have talked myself into keeping most of it.  “Oh, that marmalade is only six months past its time… bad can it be?”  “Let’s keep those pickles.  They’re canned, right?  2014 isn’t THAT long ago….”  Oh yeah…she opened up some serious feng shui in there!  I could see the back of my pantry walls, which I hadn’t seen since Bush was president.  I could walk to the back without hazard of tripping with every step.  It was glorious!  Now I need to buy some Pinterest worth plastic bins for pastas and grains for the lipstick.

Organization Orgasms: 21 Well-Designed Pantries You'd Love to Have in Your Kitchen | Apartment Therapy:

In the laundry room, she covered foam core with contact paper to make the wire shelving prettier and easier to use.  Fabulous!  And we got rid of so much junk.  The linen closet was an easier task, but I am inclined to go OCD and use baskets to enclose the sheets and even whip out the label maker.  I can see how Martha can get caught up in this persnickety organizational life.  It is really nice when things have a place….

What’s next?  The utility closet, front hall closet and my bedroom closet.  The kid’s rooms are a lost cause until they leave for college….

And what about those celebrations for eating and drinking in January?  Forget about exercising this month!  Curl up with a hot bowl of this, a glass of wine and a hot slice of crusty bread instead………

Slow Cooker Chicken Congee


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