Pick a Word, Any Word

The celebrated Chicago Tribune columnist, Mary Schmich, wrote a wonderful piece that appeared in this morning’s paper about foregoing new year’s resolutions in favor of following a one word theme.  Her words inspired me because we all too easily spout resolutions that fade by February tenth, “Lose fifteen pounds!”, “Ease up on the screen time!”, “Run in the Shamrock Shuffle!”  Let’s not kid ourselves….I’m not doing that.

Anyway, you know what I’m getting at here.  But think about it, what if we chose a word, just one little word to define our outlook on the year?  A word such as kindness, love, charity, listen, hug, smile or forgiveness. Last year Mary chose the word, pause.  She used the word to remind herself to pause before making quick responses to others via the internet or person to person and as a way to think before reacting in many ways.  Another man in her article chose fish; literally and metaphorically as a way to “fish” for opportunities in the year ahead.

There are so many great words out there to define your year.  Think about it.  What should your word be?  I have chosen mine and it will be open.  After such a divisive election that has created a political and moral abyss in our country and among our neighbors, now is the time to be compassionate, loving, caring and open.  It starts with the individual and I am going to start with me.

So, this year, I will view each person with an open heart and it will not be easy.  Yesterday as I walked into the local Aldi there was a scarey looking homeless guy patrolling the parking lot.  He was waiting for people to emerge from the store to help them load their groceries into their cars for money.  I have seen him there before and have judged him as a frightening nuisance, because he looks menacing.  He sort of creeps up on you as you walk to your car.    Well the same thing happened to me yesterday and I could feel him shadowing me.  I whirled around and quickly murmured, “No thanks.”, and he walked away, but it made me feel angry and nervous.  He soon followed a little old lady and I worried for her, but what did she do?  She agreed to the help and he happily helped her out.  She paid him and went on her way.  Maybe this guy isn’t so bad, I thought.  Maybe I should give him a chance.  Be open.

I know people who celebrated Friday and many more who celebrated Saturday, but all of those people, I know, are kind, caring folks who love their families and want the best for America.  I will be open to their opinions and ideas and will hear them out. If my major had a minor, it would be Listen….

What will your word be?  Please tell me.  I’d love to hear it!


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