No Excuse Not to Party…


I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but it is downright gloomy in Chicago and it has been this way for weeks.  Might as well live in Seattle for Pete’s sake!  I am starting to get that syndrome where you don’t absorb enough sunlight and get all depressed and want to watch sad movies like “Beaches” and overeat bags of Cheetos.  As if we don’t already have enough things to be depressed about.  Oh, you know what I mean…!

Ok, so enough of Paula’s Pity Party!  Get up off the couch, lose the old, pilled sweat pants from twenty years ago with a hole in the fanny and generate a little happy for yourself and others, dammit!  This world ain’t gonna become any rosier with your frown or your stench. Right now there is a whole lot of unhappy out there and you and I must find ways to eradicate the ugliness any way we can, whether it’s my friend, Sharon, who has decided to say hello to everyone even if people think she’s a nut bag (I know you are not, Sweetie), to serving at soup kitchens (yes, Son, you are going to do that next month), to just flippin’ smiling more (is that so HARD?!).

February is supposed to be the month of LOVE.  Say it with me, People: LUUUUUV!  Send some Valentines and NOT the electronic ones.  You know the best kind are homemade.

Have a Valentine card making party!  Oh, come ON!  Really!  This is so fun, so easy and very memorable.  I have been putting on the VC party for years and it is a blast.

People don’t have parties anymore mostly because they are afraid to fail.  Martha has ruined it for people.  They think parties have to be perfect.  Well, parties don’t.  People LOVE to be invited to soiree’s and that is half the fun.  You don’t have to serve a perfect souffle’. Just buy a salad, wine and bread….I swear, it’s enough.  Put Pandora on the speakers, turn on the fireplace; that is the perfect recipe for a darn good throw down. Well, that and give the bathroom a quickie swipe….

Oh…. you say, “I just hate Valentine’s Day! I don’t have my own Valentine!”  Suck it up, Buttercup! You don’t even need to have a special Valentine. Make cards for seniors and take them to an assisted living facility.  Take Valentines to a firehouse for all of those hunky firefighters! Send missives overseas and thank a serviceman/woman.  Show the love, man!

Craft stores nowadays have a gazillion cool trims, stickers, glitter, glue dots, ribbons, etc. that it is super fun to collect pretty adornments to decorate the cards and envelopes with .  The dollar bin near the front door of Target also has fantastic Valentine decorations.  I found a whole bunch of blank cards and envelopes for mere pennies the other day.  One year, I was flat broke, but wanted to have the party, so I asked my guests to bring five dollars each to help pay for supplies, which they happily did. Five bucks is a good deal, considering they had a night of thrilling entertainment and came home with several beautiful cards and a good buzz…


So here’s what you need to do:

Cover the table in protective paper and whip out a few glue guns. Ask your friends to bring extras if need be.  Stock up on Elmer’s glue, glue dots and double stick tape.  Buy Valentine stickers, ribbon, trims, etc. Purchase blank cards and envelopes.  Find pretty markers with fine tips.  Scissors with interesting patterned blades are cool.  Go as nutty as your budget allows.  There will be plenty of supplies leftover to save for next year, too. In fact, if I am crazy enough, I plan to have an after school party for Kate and some of her gal pals to make cards, too. Sssshhh….don’t say anything unless I change my mind!

I usually keep the guest list down to six to eight neighborhood friends since we are all crowded around the dining room table, making cards, while drinking copious amounts of wine.  I set the party time to seven pm, so dinner is not expected and I serve Valentines cookies and drinks, usually spritzy water and wine.

We gals, create, laugh, drink, get our fingers covered in glue and glitter and we end up with amazing Valentines, each one uniquely different and beautiful.

Share the love!  The world needs it now!!









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